Zero Gravity - David Archuleta

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Zero Gravity

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1. Tell me what you did to me
Just there beneath my feet
Didn't even notice we were miles above the ground
I'm not afraid of heights
We crashed into the sky
Didn't know that I could feel the way that I do now.

I'm not asking for an explanation
All I know is that you take me away
And you show me how to fly.

Nothing brings me down
When you're around
It's like zero gravity
The world just disappears when you're here
It's zero gravity
When things get messed up
You lift my head up
I get lost in the clouds
There's no sence of time with you and I
It's zero gravity.

2. The edges fade away
'Till there's no more shades of gray
You only have to whisper anything at all
You opened up my eyes
You turned my lows to highs
And that's the only way that I know how to fall
Not gonna analyze and try to fight it
Don't even care if it makes no sense at all
Cause with you I would fly.

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