You Decorated My Life - Kenny Rogers

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You Decorated My Life

Đóng góp: big.hero

1. All my life was a paper
Once plain, pure and white
Till you moved with your pen
Changing moods now and then
Till the balance was right
Then you added some music.

Every note was in place
And anybody could see
All the changes in me
By the look on my face.

And you decorated my life
Created a world where dreams are apart
And you decorated my life
By painting your love all over my heart
You decorated my life.

2. Like a rhyme with no reason
And an unfinished song
There was no harmony
Life meant nothing to me
Until you came along.

Then you brought out the colors
What a gentle surprise
How I'm able to see all the things life can be
Shining soft in your eyes.


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