Hey You - Jonas Brothers

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Hey You

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1. Mic check
Can you hear me?
Gotta know if I'm coming in clearly
Static through the speakers
In a second, your heart will be fearless
Taken for granted
Right now, you can't stand it
Break down
It's a show down
Got to scream it out loud.

'Cause I'm not fakin'
Girl, I'm just sayin'.

Hey you, hey you
Now we're into something new
Hey you, hey you
Now you're feeling like I do
Come on, shout it
Let's leave the past behind us
Come on, shout it out
Hey you.

2. Not open to suggestions
I'm dreaming of you and me dancing
No one's interferin'
Gotta do it ourselves
We don't need 'em
Long as we're together
We won't want anybody else, baby
Tell me if you're ready
'Cause tonight you will see.

That I'm not fakin'
Girl, I'm just sayin'.

You doubted me
And you trusted me
And I made you see
How to find your relief
I don't know what to say
Get on your way
I gotta hear you scream.

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