Icarus - R3hab

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[Verse 1:]
All my dreams are just some fragile things
That people wish and I don't think they'll care in my wake
'Cause I've been falling for days
To the sea, to the sea, yeah
Tried to breathe but I've been drowning in waves
Of jealously and anyone could see that I'm lost
Through the seas I've been tossed
And I'm not free, I'm not free, yeah.

So I open my eyes
And I fall through the sky
While the day turns to night.

I have burned for my love
Flown too close to the sun
Falling like Icarus
Now the damage is done
I have burned for my love.

[Verse 2:]
I'm on the ground and if you ask why I don't
Come around, it's because I can't bare the waves
And I guess I'm afraid
Of going down, going down, down
In your face, a silhouette of me and I won't
Leave a trace, I know I know so far I can fall
'Til there's nothing at all
But your face, your face.



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